Product Care

Before you unpack your swag

  1. Please check how your swag is packed before you unroll it, so you can roll it up in the same way.
  2. Your foam mattress has been vacuum packed for storage and will compress and shorten. To restore mattress it needs to be unrolled (do not use a knife to cut plastic), stretched, shaken for a minimum of a week for the open cell foam to take in air. Leaving it outside in the sun for a short time can also assist.
  3. Swags sizes are approximate only, due to natural shrinking and stretching of natural cotton canvas depending on the weather.
  4. To help waterproof your swag seams remove mattress and wet down new canvas prior to use to ensure sealing up of seams. Close all windows and gently hose down swag. Repeat this process 2 to 3 times and allow drying each time.


Setting Up Your Dome Swag

  1. Choose a level firm surface clear of overhanging tree branches, sticks/stones that may damage swag floor.
  2. The head end should be set up facing away from the wind and rain.
  3. Pull swag corners firmly apart and peg out all 4 corners.
  5. Assemble poles together and make sure the pieces are inserted to each other completely. Longest pole is for the head end, and shortest pole is at foot end.
  6. Insert poles through swag sleeves, gently bend poles & inset end into pole pins provided at corners as far they can over the pins. Poles on first use will be very tight & hard to insert but will become easier over time.
  7. Fit hooks around the poles after poles have been inserted into pins first. Failure to do this may result in poles breaking as too much tension will be placed on poles trying to lift up swag at same time.
  9. Attach guy ropes to eyelets in triangle tie down flaps and fix to object or ground and ensure swag it taught.
  10. Open up flaps for air circulation as condensation may occur in cool or moist conditions.
  11. All APEX or traditional swags, just roll out or tie flaps off using poles or against anything else to allow for air circulation.
  12. Note: Poles are generally not covered by warranty due to user error, so please ensure correct use to avoid breakage. Poles are designed for a swag and can only break with overtension. Replacement poles are available if required.



Packing Up Your Swag

  1. Ensure that the canvas is thoroughly dry before rolling up your swag or stowing it away.
  2. Close all zips and Detach guy ropes.
  3. Fold overhanging canvas and ropes to center.
  4. Poles, disassemble, fold together, and leave inside zippered pole pocket in base of swag.
  5. Swag, role tight from head end, connect buckles, tighten straps - do not over tighten.
  6. Allow a wet or damp swag to dry before packing otherwise mildew can occur. If not possible unroll swag when convenient and allow to dry before repacking it.


Care Instructions

  1. Thoroughly wet down new canvas prior to use to ensure sealing up of seams.
  2. Remove dirt with a soft brush and cold water after use.
  3. Do not clean with soap, detergent, petrol, oil or solvents.
  4. Ensure swag is completely dry before storage.
  5. Do not store directly on concrete floors or in direct sunlight as this will cause color fading.
  6. Use a recommended canvas reproofing solution on well worn areas and seams if required.
  7. Please note; the inside of a swag is susceptible to condensation from breath and perspiration, especially in cold or humid conditions and is often misconceived as a leaky swag. All swags are constructed from water and rot proofed, breathable canvas, but some conditions produce moisture faster than the canvas can expel it. This is best alleviated by not completely sealing up your swag in these conditions. Most Swags have an extended top section at the head end to allow the front to be open without allowing rain to enter.